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used the assistant, “has th●e commissioner sahib power to gran●t such an order” The force did not know.● There were few things of importa▓nce, apparently, that it did know; b▓ut the haste with which it abandoned more i▓rksome duties and fell to pulling out ponderous● volumes proved that it was eager to learn.▓ “Yes, here it is,” sighe▓d the senior officer at last, po

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▓inting out a page to his colleagues, “‘withi▓n the discretion of the comm●issioner.’” “Well, julty karow!” sho●uted Marten. There is, you see, a Hindu equi▓valent for “hurry up.” Philologists have not▓ed it, translators have found it valuable▓, natives use it to interpret the exp▓ression that falls so often from sahib lips●.But the records make no me▓ntion of a man who has induce▓d a Hindu actually and physically

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to julty karow▓. “Come,” urged Haywood, “▓we want to make the one o’clock tr●ain.” “I will hurry,” promised the assi●stant, transforming his turban▓ into a sheet and gravely rearrang●ing it.“I shall now make out the or●der.” “But give us the tickets ●and cut out the red tape,” growled Marten.● “Oh, sahib, that is impossible,” g▓asped the Hindu.“I must make out th●e order and send it to the secretary t

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o be▓ sealed.Then it will go to the treas▓urer, who will make a note of it and send▓ it to the auditor to be stamped and signed.The▓n it will be returned to the treasurer, w●ho will file it and make out a recei▓pt to sen

d back to the secretary, who wi●ll send it to me to be signed, and the audit▓or—” But Marten had fled through th▓e back door

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